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Chatpata Combo

Chatpata Combo

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Purani Dilli Chole and Teekha Pani Puri Combo

The tangy and spicy taste of the pani puri complements the rich and flavorful chole masala quite well. The contrast in textures and flavors between the crispy puris filled with spicy water and the hearty, savory chole creates a satisfying culinary experience. Plus, both dishes are popular street foods in India, so this combination offers a taste of authentic Indian street food culture. Enjoying these together would surely make for a delicious and memorable meal!




Purani Dilli Chole



Teekha Pani Puri

Indian Subcontinent



Purani Dilli Chole
Carom seed, Anardana (pomegranate seed), Dried mango, Degi mirch, Red chilli, Black peppercorn, Turmeric, Coriander seed, Cumin seed, Cloves, Cardamom

Teekha Pani Puri
Mint, Tamarind, Dried mango powder, Ginger, Curry leaves, Black pepper, Red chilli, Cumin seed, Rock salt, Natural sweetener


Purani Dilli Chole

Teekha Pani Puri
Mashed Potato, Chopped Onions, Chickpeas

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